Will my delivery come if it is raining?

Yes, the delivery will still be set up for your delivery date, unless you call and cancel/reschedule your delivery. We strongly recommend covering soils and dyed mulches with a tarp if rain is in the forecast to avoid unnecessary mess on your driveway.

Is the dyed mulch safe?

Absolutely, the mulch is dyed with water-delivered vegetable dye; it is 100% safe. For more information on our dye, please visit www.colorenrichedmulch.com.

When will my am/pm delivery arrive?

If you have an am delivery it will leave our yard between our opening time and 12pm. If you have a pm delivery it will leave our lot between 12pm and 5pm. We ask that you keep your phone on and/or close to you. The driver will give you a call as your product is being loaded onto their truck, just to give a heads up that they are on the way and ask any questions if he isn’t 100% certain of the delivery instructions.

Are all mulches the same?

Is there mulch that deters insects?

While not 100% effective, cedar mulch has an oil in it that is a natural insect repellant. For more information: http://greennature.com/article2617.html

Will mulching keep weeds from coming up?

No, it will slow them down, but won’t stop them from coming up. Growfine or any Treflan product put down on top of your mulch in the spring, will prevent weeds from germinating, weeds that are already up and growing will not be affected by Treflan.

How do I know if I got the correct amount of mulch I ordered?

Square the pile off as best you can and measure in feet, your length x width x height and divide by 27 which equals cubic yards.

Why is this mold on top of my mulch?

When we get a hot and humid summer, a fungus sometimes grows on top of your mulch. It looks like a pile of dog droppings. It can easily be removed by tossing it away with a shovel and spraying a 4 part bleach mixture on the infected ground area. The nature of mulch is to retain moisture to aid in the development of your plant material. Fungus loves dark moist places, it is not at all harmful, just a part of nature.

Is your mulch treated?

No, we do not treat our mulches with any chemicals.

What is the smallest bulk amount you sell?

1/2 yard.

Do I need to mulch every year?

It depends on the kind of mulch you have. If you use dyed mulches, the color is good up to 2 years. If you use hardwood mulches, you will most likely need to mulch every year.

How deep should I go on my mulch?

We recommend you apply mulch the first time at least 4 inches deep, and reapply each year 3 inches deep. If you have previously used a mulch with a higher wood content (i.e. cypress, economy, or a dyed product), it may be necessary to remove the old wood debris before applying new mulch.

Does hardwood bark mulch attract termites?

No, termites in Indiana are subterranean. They are only attracted to wood that is below the earth’s surface. Since our mulches are derived mainly from Indiana sawmills, who extract the bark (not the wood), it’s without a doubt safe. Additionally, our bark mulches, while in the composting stage, will reach temperatures of 150+ degrees. If there happened to be any insects or bugs prior to this stage, there certainly wouldn’t be after.

How much mulch do I need?

To determine how much mulch you need you will need to measure the areas you would like to cover. You will need to measure the length and width in feet and multiply the 2 numbers together to determine your square footage. Once you have your total square footage, you can divide the number by 100 (1 cubic yard of mulch covers approximately 100 square feet at 3 inches deep) to give you the number of cubic yards needed or you can use our handy mulch calculator.

How many yards will my truck hold?

A full size pick-up truck will hold approximately a 1/2 yard of field soil and gravel, 2 yards of mulch untarped, or 3 yards tarped depending on the length of the truck bed and the type of mulch purchased.